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COOPERATION HONEYWELL & VINZO HONEYWELL has added a new product line to the fire safety industry by adding gas extinguishing systems to its reliable solutions. Thanks to his distributorship agreement with VINZO to ensure effective and timely solutions market in Turkey was signed an important cooperation... for More Information We offer you the quality of VINZO by combining our solutions for water extinguishing systems, which are the basis of manual and automatic fire extinguishing systems, with our wide product range and experience... for More Information SYSTEMS WATER SUPPRESSION You are safe with Foam Extinguishing Systems solutions designed by VINZO system experts against flammable and combustible liquid fires that cannot be extinguished with water. FOAM SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS for More Information Protecting your valuable assets from fire and water damage, the most suitable Gas Extinguishing System is designed by VINZO expert engineers. GASEOUS SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS for More Information Ignored small fires can grow and cause loss of life and property. In-Panel Extinguishing Systems are designed by VINZO experts to extinguish the fire at its source at the beginning stage. CABINET SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS for More Information Specially produced Hood Extinguishing System solutions against the risks of oil fire that may occur in the interior and cooking sections of the hoods in industrial kitchens are at VINZO... KITCHENHOOD SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS for More Information VINZO is always with you to determine the correct flow and pressure values of the fire pumps, which are the heart of fire systems, and to provide reliable products with the specified capacities. FIRE PUMP SYSTEMS for More Information

Trust Experience

Our professional team, which has been serving in the fire safety sector for more than 10 years, came together under the roof of VINZO in order to offer dynamic and customer-oriented solutions more effectively.

Quality Success

We importance to updating our understanding of quality with today’s technology, to increase our competence with the certificates we have, and to continuous improvement by making no concessions to our principles. We know that success can be achieved when standards are exceeded and we work to do better.

Why We Are Different?

VINZO is an engineering and innovation firm that only operates on fire protection systems. Thanks to our company built on family ethics and a hard-working culture, we offer our customers comprehensive and reliable solutions.